How to bind papers without staples or clips [2]

Chapter: DIY + tutorials

Lately my new found alternative to hold 2 or 3 sheets, usually printed articles or clippings of all sorts, is to dab a little glue or paste double-sided tape at the corner of each page. Both ways work out great!

Next I came across this clever tip for making a simple booklet without needing even glue, tape or thread!

The method consists of 2 parts. Here are my jots:

Part 1 (the base): fold paper in half. On the fold, mark out A and B, then cut along the lines. Unfold to reveal gap B. Keep A at least 1cm. I kept B at 0.5cm and could bind up to 10 sheets (excluding the base).

Part 2: fold a new sheet in half and unfold. Make a slit (equal length to A) on opposite sides along the crease. Then insert through the base and rest the slits on the bridge. Repeat to add more pages.

I made a blank notebook with a fancy (and thicker) cover at the front and back. The front is part of the base while the back cover is actually the very first sheet that is inserted (through the base).

[Check out part 3!]

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