Gift tags from a tissue box

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My favourite reason for reusing pretty packaging or printed materials for repackaging is that the nice prints make the (repurposing) transition effortless to achieve.

Take this tissue box for instance. With its classic silhouettes designs (love the swing) I hoped to highlight them and decided to crop them as gift tags.


  • Tissue box with nice print
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Dot sticker


Cut out different shapes with the desired print encased. Make faux eyelets by sticking dot stickers in place before hole punching.

6 thoughts on “Gift tags from a tissue box

  1. Found your link on Ingenious Inkling. I have saved several tissue boxes because the graphics are so great, and I knew I would eventually use them on a card or paper craft project. This design on this box, which I’ve never before seen, is wonderful. How grand that you got such lovely tags out of it! Way to recycle! :)

  2. I did this with old Christmas cards when I was 12. "Nifty fifty Chrismas tags"
    Sold them around the neighborhood knocking on doors 15 for 25 cents. With a To: and From: stamp on the back and ribbons through the holes…and made enough to buy family Christmas gifts.

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