Fold + cut a standing paper Christmas tree

I really enjoy making and dressing up these standing trees with my favorite mini dot stickers and an origami star. Here’s what I did:

1. Use a square.
2. Fold half lengthwise, breathwise and diagonalwise to get these creases.
3. Fold diagonally.

4. Fold up a triangle as shown.
5. Repeat on the right.
6. Unfold.

7. Hold on to C.
8. Bring flap behind A.
9. Repeat on the other side to slip in behind B.

10. Get hold of one of the pouches.
11. Flatten it.
12. Repeat 10-11 on the remaining three.

13. Cut along dotted lines to create trunk.
14. To make branches, cut slits towards the top.
15. Bend the slits behind each flap.

OR, alternatively to make branches:

A. Make slits downwards.
B. Fold each slit behind as indicated by the triangular outline.
C. This is what it looks like behind.


  • The tree will still be cute even if you omit the branches.
  • To make the trunk longer, I will snip off a portion of the flaps.

[Revised: 13/12/10]

19 thoughts on “Fold + cut a standing paper Christmas tree

  1. thank you .. had a kids craft lined up to do with trees..and even i dont like doing it..this one how ever is PERFECT! thank you :)

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