Fold + cut a Christmas tree with a star topper

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If you have enjoyed making this standing paper tree using my tutorial, you will be happy to know that with just one more strategic cut, a star will emerge instantly as a tree topper!

I had wanted to show this last year, but it slipped my mind completely. So better late than never, here goes:

1. Complete a tree using the tutorial mentioned above.
2. Distribute 3 flaps to one side and the remaining 5 flaps on the other.
3. On the 5 flaps, make a slit just slightly over the vertical middle crease.
4. Open gently to reveal star.

An ingenious design by Kazuo Kobayashi.

8 thoughts on “Fold + cut a Christmas tree with a star topper

  1. I came to you through Notabilia. I learned how to make this from my friend last year, so I used this for my daughter’s school activity. My friend wanted to learn how to fold a Christmas tree and I thought about making a blog post about it, but I ran out of time. I wish I learned about you so that I could just give her your address!! I will definitely use your post to introduce how to make Christmas trees with origami!! I love the way you take photos. So pretty!! Kaho

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