Flower ribbon bow with a brad

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A long continuous strip of ribbon can be transformed into a loopy flower bow without the need to glue or sew. That’s all because I opted to use a brad to hold the shape in place. And that’s really because I have a pack of brads that I haven’t found any use until now.

A loopy ribbon flower made with a continuous piece of ribbon and held together with a brad.


  1. Get ready a long piece of ribbon and a brad. My ribbon measures about 35″ and makes a 3″ wide flower.
  2. Make a loop on one end, as shown. My loop is about 1.5″, which is half the length of the 3″ bow. Leave some excess ribbon at least 3″ long, indicated as A.
  3. Have the brad pierce through the ribbon close to base of the loop, near the 1.5″ mark.
  4. At B, form a second loop behind the first.
  5. Pierce it through the brad prongs.
  6. Continue to form more loops and passing each loop through the prongs, until you reach the ribbon end.
  7. Make a loop with A, then secure the ribbon end behind the brad.
  8. Bring the remaining B behind the brad. However if B is long enough, form a loop.
  9. Secure it behind the brad.
  10. Bend down the prongs. I use a tweezer to make the task a little easier.
  11. Fan out the “petals”.

A flower ribbon bow gift topper.

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