Cube stands

Chapter: DIY + techniques

A while back I shared about these inflatable heart toppers that could go on pencils, and then incidentally I found that this (origami) inflatable balloon could serve as a cube display stand to “plant” a pencil since it has a small opening on top.

Crisp origami with the help of a scoring board.

I used some 6″ square one-sided pattern papers from Lawn Fawn to make these balloon cubes. I wanted to alleviate the crease-heavy look by prepping the fold lines using my scoring board before folding. This was my scoring pattern:

  1. Diagonal: score at 1 18 , 2 18 and 4 28 on 2 sides. Placing a ruler just beside the grove helps me know where I’m going when my hands are feeling a little wobbly.
  2. Vertical: 68 , 2 28 , 3 68 , 5 28 on all 4 sides.
  3. Vertical: at 1 48” mark, score until 2 28 horizontal score line is met, repeat at the 4 48 mark.
  4. Vertical: at 3″ mark, score until the first 18 horizontal score line is met.

I also stumbled upon another cube design that is lighter on the creasing and can serve the same purpose. All the more jolly.

Since I’m fussy over crisp fold lines, I prep again using the scoring board for the vertical creases, and used a ruler to guide me score the short diagonal lines.

Here are some tips for folding the cube:

  • Crease well the indicated lines. Identify A to E. Fold C upwards.
  • C ends up above E.

I just thought these cubes make a fun presentation when combined with coloured pencils and heart toppers.

The supplies I used for this project are listed below ⇙


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