5 July 2011

Coffeeshop in Short Street

After our last stop at the computer mart this evening, hub suggested that we walk over to a nearby coffeeshop, along Short Street, for dinner. This coffeeshop is new. Was formerly a petrol station.

The term “coffeeshop” (aka kopitiam) commonly refers to a local+casual eatery that has a variety of small stalls offering different cuisines and of course local coffee (+ other drinks).

While waiting for my food, I looked up and saw all these hanging lights. So many! Those at the end are not mirror images.

Perhaps that was why I felt thirsty and needed a drink.

Then there were many wooden stools like these to sit on. And I like them!

Never knew I could see this much in a coffeeshop…just minutes before the food arrived.

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Chapter: City rounds Comments (1)   2008.02.17
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  1. From Tracy

    That looks like a fun coffeeshop!! I was wondering about those lights–that place fairly glows there’s so many lights–LOL! What food did you get? Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

    2008.02.18 @ 9:03 am

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