Bookshop guide: Ke Li Da Book Store

Chapter: City Rounds   Series: Explore SG

On my way to visit an acupuncturist’s office in Crawford Lane, I spotted Ke Li Da Book Shop in the same block. It was a nice discovery to me! Bookstores here on the island are typically stationery/office-supply shops, likely stocking all sorts of other goods.

A truly wide range of supplies at Ke Li Da.

Most impressed with the coloured cardstock racks, that huge paper cutter, and of course those Decadry transfer decals!

The lady owner of Ke Li Da told me she has been in business for 34 years. With a photocopier machine at the front of the shop, and postal service offered, the bookshop serves as a convenient stop for a fairly bustling lunch time crowd probably from offices in the vicinity. In my last visit, there were 2 waiting to photocopy and another guy asking for a receipt book. However she has rented part of her space to a barber who was featured on a television programme.

My happy buys! Can’t wait to use the decals on a project. The release paper on the envelope is the widest I’ve seen on a C6 size.

Happy buys

  • Decadry transfer decal — 1.80
  • Falcon C6 envelopes — $1.00 (a pack of 22)

As I have fond memories of a bookstore in my neighbourhood when I was growing up, I’m most happy to come across neighbourhood bookstores that remain in business.

Ke Li Da Book Store
465 Crawford Lane, #01-26, Singapore 190465

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