22 June 2013

Bobby pin etc (and hairdos)

[Chapter: Etc picks]

Each time when I watch table-tennis women’s matches on TV (the Olympics being the most recent), I cannot help but track the number of bobby pins that some players have on their heads. Some use the minimum while others have an almost ridiculous number of mostly mismatched mix pinned all over targeting at strands likely to stray. It’s admirable that these ladies choose necessity over aesthetics.

Left to right, top to bottom:
Bombshell rubberized mini bobby pins
LongHairGirl bow pins
Caravan shell pins
Gold plated crystal bobby pin
Sparkling black pins

And speaking of Olympics and hairdos, besides also noticing many bobby pins on a few women volleyball players during the semi-finals, the highlight for me (while watching volleyball matches that is) was the men’s team from France. One player’s hairdo just stood out for me…his looked well-styled, and stayed obedient and immaculate throughout the whole game! I really wonder how he did it.

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