1 July 2011

Chapter: 'Site seeing'

Site seeing: reasons to ditch non-stick cookware

Hazardous cookware

Teflon suit slides off DuPont

Suspected carcinogens from Teflon found in breast milk

Teflon found in newborn babies

Chapter: Site seeing
25 June 2009 + Comments (1)

Site seeing: plastics to avoid

Plastic products at a glance (pdf)

BPA, PVC and phthalates in food processors and blenders

The ZRecs Guide to safer children’s products

Chapter: Site seeing
16 February 2009 + Comments

Site seeing: create a virtual snowflake

Cut out your own virtual snowflake and name it!

Chapter: Site seeing
13 January 2009 + Comments (1)

Site seeing: Flash designs

Just like to show you some Japanese websites with excellent Flash designs:
Honda Edix
Suzuki Palette
Elizabeth Arden
Earnest Architects


Chapter: Japanese + Zakka,Site seeing
23 December 2008 + Comments (1)

Site seeing: radiation benefits on health

When a little poison is good for you @ Mercola

The remarkable radium “Liquid Sunshine” fad and its deadly consequences @ Mercola

Afraid of radiation? Low doses are good for you @ LewRockwell

Chapter: Site seeing
11 September 2008 + Comments

Site seeing: offsetting carbon footprints

As a traveler, I’m aware of the greenhouse gases I contribute, so with that, there’s an extra trip to make:

Go Zero, where

* $10 offsets an average trip including air travel, a one-night hotel stay, and rental car for one person.

* $25 negates air travel, four-night hotel stay, and rental car for two people.

* $40 equalizes the effects of air travel, four-night hotel stay, and rental car for four people.

Chapter: Overseas,Site seeing
16 August 2008 + Comments

Site seeing: GM food

A list of foods with and w/o GM ingredients from True Food Now

How to tell from the PLU (price look-up) code on the stickers if the produce is conventionally grown, organic or genetically-modified?

How do you know if your food is GM? @ Mercola

GM peas study abandoned after causing lung damage in mice @ New Scientist

Fears over secret study into GM food @ Znet

Even mice prefers non-GM from the Institute of Science in Society

Are GM crops killing honeybees? @ Mercola

How the government is causing the global food crisis and why GM crops are failing @ Mercola

GM ingredients overview @ Seeds of Deception

Syngenta chairman confesses: genetically engineered crops cannot feed the world + Latest news and resources on GE food @ Organic Consumers

Institute for Responsible Technology

Japan Offspring Fund

Chapter: Food,Site seeing
26 July 2008 + Comments (1)

Site seeing: health

@ Tips Of All Sorts

Carcinogens found in “Organic” personal care products

Why you should keep children away from the TV

How cell phones and WiFi may cause autism

The 12 germiest places

Plain soap as effective as antibacterial but without the risk

[p.s. These are information on my tips site and I'm putting the links here for bloomize readers in case you're as concerned about such matters as I am.]

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Chapter: Site seeing
20 July 2008 + Comments (1)