12 November 2011

Chapter: 'Photography'

Bloom before me: Mexican Heather

I had walked passed the National Museum multiple times this year yet I don’t know how I could have missed the field where these tiniest pink blooms lay, right until last week.

Hover to remove the light makeup.

Thanks for the company, see you next week (I have a starry tutorial coming up). Have a restful weekend!

Chapter: Photography
7 October 2011 + Comments (1)

Bloom before me: Church flowers 11/9

The roses and lilies decorating the church sanctuary were so delicately fragrant that I was able to sniff out some of that sweet scent in the air though I was not seated near to them. Then since I was early and the worship hall was pretty much empty (maybe that’s why the scent was more distinct), I walked over to admire them for a little while.

Today as we remember 9/11, let’s not forget the many catastrophic situations the world is facing. Our souls are housed in fragile containers but we have hope for we have a Saviour in Jesus Christ who died to obtain pardon and to secure for us everlasting joy.

Chapter: Photography
11 September 2011 + Comments (2)

Fujian tea + Wuyi mountain

When hub travelled to China recently, he brought back a free magazine picked up from an airport. I read it through the other day as I was very intrigued by its cover picture (via Corbis)- a beautiful tea terrace field on Wuyi Mountain (an Unesco WHS) in Fujian province.

The writer of the cover story on Fujian’s famous teas mentioned that drinking rock tea (岩茶) from Wuyi will not taste the same after you have been to the unadulterated mountain tea fields (and witnessed the care and attention given to the leaves). How true! And isn’t that feeling mutual when partaking food grown with your hands from your own garden or field?

Chapter: Food,Photography
5 August 2011 + Comments (1)

What’s in my supermarket: red bananas

Hover to remove the artificial colouring.

Chapter: Photography
24 May 2011 + Comments

Bloom before me: along Oxley Rise

After Sunday church service, I decided to walk from Fort Canning towards Somerset via Oxley Rise, a route which I often take leisure walks if the weather’s not steaming hot. Not only was yesterday’s evening temperature ideal, my pictures turned out better than past attempts.

My knees couldn’t help but shake a little when crossing this bridge lined with slabs.

Super fine bowgrass (aka Cyrtococcum patens) on the bridge.

Tiny clover leaves also on the bridge.

Streams of pretty white coral vine (aka Antigonon leptopus).

Spotted wild noni plants but unfortunately no well-formed flowers in sight.

Chapter: Photography
18 April 2011 + Comments

Bloom before me: window leaves and china pinks

This was taken not too recently at the garden centre in Hort Park.

Hover to remove the “heavy” makeup.

Chapter: Photography
31 March 2011 + Comments (5)

A day on the farm

A few weeks ago I collected a free copy of the SS 2011 kid’s catalogue in a Benetton shop.

Really love the location, styling and splendid photography by Stefano Azario (who also shoots campaigns for Gap).

Chapter: Photography
3 March 2011 + Comments (2)

Reuse Replay Recreate

A new garlicious print has arrived at Bloom Print.

It’s one with a simple message to reuse, replay + recreate with the things around you. This print is ideal for inspiration boards and in anywhere you want a small reminder to look a little harder.

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Chapter: Photography,Shoppe
7 February 2011 + Comments (3)