Behind the cabinet door storage

Chapter: Projects

When I was looking to setup storage behind a cabinet door underneath my kitchen sink, I saw Ikea’s IMMELN shower basket and felt that the depth, width and height could work alright. However the suction cups that come with the basket wouldn’t be able to stick on the cabinet’s laminated surface.

I choose not to stick hooks to hang the baskets but went with the suction cups because they keep the baskets flushed against the door.

That was when I decided to try Command strips. Yes you heard me right, Command strips on suction cups. The suction cups definitely needed something strong while I also wanted the option to easily remove the adhesive strips should I switch to a different storage vessel in time to come.

4 strips were used for each suction cup. I trimmed off the overhang except for the areas near the pull tabs which I dabbed with a powder tool to remove tack. Then with the help of a level, I taped washi tape across the cabinet door. The patterns on the washi tape helped indicate the positions of each suction cup.


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