Adding colours and patterns with page markers

Chapter: Projects   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

Page markers, plain or decorative make interesting accents. I’ve used them previously here on a black card. Here are two more cards using regular Post Its and also patterned translucent film page markers.

Page markers are more than just page markers ;)



  1. Align and adhere page markers onto copier paper (which is thin and makes die cutting easier) to make various stripe patterns. I used a tape roller for this task.
  2. Die cut the alphabets, speech bubbles and tiny hearts from the paper made in Step 1. I had further die cut a small heart on the speech bubble die cut.
  3. On a card panel, position several sticky note strips along the top. I trimmed some of the strips to make them a little shorter and then gave them all a fishtail cut at the end before adhering them down.
  4. Adhere a piece of twine along the top.
  5. Adhere 3 strips of yellow page markers then paste over these strips the alphabet and speech bubble die cuts. I wrote “Miss ya” on one of the speech bubbles with a white gel pen.
  6. Adhere the tiny hearts and sequins.
  7. Adhere panel onto card base.



  1. Align and adhere the pager markers in a row onto a piece of copier paper. I first adhered a piece of double-sided tape onto the copier paper than placed the page makers over the tape.
  2. Trim the piece of paper from Step 1 to the width of a card base.
  3. Die cut the word “Hello” on white and grey cardstock. Adhere the grey die cut at the back of the white die cut.
  4. Die cut a speech bubble from grey cardstock. Then cut out a frame of the bubble using the negative piece.
  5. Adhere both pieces (from Steps 2 and 3) onto a card base.
  6. Adhere the sequins.


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