A wider origami basket

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Have you tried making this basket and found that the handles get in the way? That’s how I feel.

Then you could try the following version as it opens up the basket much wider, which I found was possible when I made some extra folds. It’s based on an origami creation by Kazukuni Endo [遠藤和邦]:

  1. With a piece of square, fold diagonally on each side to get the creases. Unfold.
  2. Bring 2 triangles to the centre.
  3. Fold in half, as shown.
  4. From the pointed end C, fold a triangle inwards, as shown. It shouldn’t align with the centre crease.
  5. Repeat step 5 on the opposite side.
  6. Turn over. Repeat steps 5-6 and ensure that the top + bottom triangles are aligned at where the arrows are pointing.
  7. Open up. Use a ruler to get that white dotted line.
  8. Fold in a triangle under the white dotted line.
  9. Bring fold #1 to the blue dotted line. Crease well. Unfold.
  10. Repeat step 10 for fold #2-4. As shown, newly added dotted lines represent the new creases formed. At this point, you might want to use different coloured pens to mark every crease line.
  11. Make 2 vertical creases indicated by the arrows.
  12. Turn over. Make creases from the underside more prominent on this current side.
  13. Then turn over. Identify line D.

14. Crease it.
15. Then bring the fold along D inwards, as shown.
16. Repeat steps 14-16 on 3 other sides. You’ll get a base with peaks A and B.
17. Spread open the triangles of A and B, then make 3 tiny folds forward.
18. Bring B over to A.
19. Hook B’s fold onto A’s.
20. Fold back the triangles beginning with B first.
21. Followed by A to complete the locking.
22-23. To make wider, bring the bottom part of the handle up to
            where the arrows are pointing.

32 thoughts on “A wider origami basket

  1. Hi – I really like this basket. It’s easy to do, yet the instructions kept on throwing me off, making it more complicated than it is. It would help to use two-colored paper – provides better contrast to see.

    Thank you

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  3. I really like this, I tried it. It came out a bit weird but still looks good.
    If anyones wondering, you cant do this with pattern paper only on one side, unless you want to see white ^_^
    Which model by Kazukuni Endo is this based on? I know one model of his that is a basket, but its different, is it in a book?
    Thanks so much for posting this new design!!! XXX

  4. i love this but im stuck on step 15 and 16 :/
    im stressing out here ahha!
    i dont know how you do there :S
    but im going to keep trying :D

  5. The basket is lovely. To make the handle easier for me, I left "B" without spreading and folded "A" as in you directions. I put a bit of glue on "A" and slid in "B". Thank you for your directions.

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