A puffed up 3D paper heart

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With numerous paper crafts shared on pins and craft sites, involving aligning slits to make 2 cutouts appear like 3D, I’ve been toying with ideas to 3D-ize other shapes with slits as well. I hope to talk about them soon. In the meanwhile, I’m enjoying the making of a 3D heart, one that is very easy to fold and amazingly puffy for a single strip of paper!

I followed the steps from a video clip by Craftingeek. The first 3 minutes (thereabouts) is about cutting equal strips of 1.5cm. The remaining playtime is where the instructions are shown.

My hearts are more enlarged as they’re made from strips wider than 6cm.

There is a side opening on each opposite end on each heart making it string friendly – behaving like a bead really. Incorporate a few into a garland or use solo as a pendant.

The shape of each heart can be varied by the cuts you make, and how deep you plunge the centre groove (but do this with care or the inflated heart will lose its shape).

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2 thoughts on “A puffed up 3D paper heart

  1. How fun are these?! I had no idea you could make something like this. They would make such a sweet garland. (I’d love if you linked up to The Makers party going on over on my blog if you have a moment. :)

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