A fleet of origami love boats

Chapter: Projects

My fleet is made up of 6 different types of marine vessels where each has a sweet heart on board.

If only the boats were real, hmm…it bears mentioning that each of them has room to slip in or hold little things; some have more space than others.

For the hearts, I made the 2-sided heart and this one because they each have a back flap which makes it handy to “clip” onto the boat.

1. Sampan with twin shade

Here’s how (alt) it was made.

2. Speedboat

Cool huh? I watched this clip.


  1. Uses square.
  2. If using 2-coloured paper, begin with plain side up to have a coloured exterior.

3. Sail boat I and II

Sail boat I has 2 sails and is designed by Joost Langeveld.

Sail boat II is more common, and can be easily made by following these instructions (alt).

4. Long narrow canoe

Instructions for this design by Hyo Ahn are found here.


  • Use a square.
  • At about step 16, pinch the two sides (on each end) inwards, then bring the long flap to cover over them.
  • The base has to be well defined so that the canoe will sit upright.

5. Logo boat box

A cute 4-sided-boat square box by Rachel Katz.


Random wip pics:

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