A day in Malacca 2014

Chapter: Travel Moments

My family journeyed to Malacca, a 2-hour drive from our island for a birthday outing at the request of my sister – the birthday girl. She sponsored the transport fees while the rest of us paid for the day’s meals. We had a personal driver who drove us there in his van, and then anywhere we wanted to go, throughout the day. He drove us back home later in the night.

The ruins of St Paul’s Church, built by the Portuguese. The statue of St Francis has a missing right hand.

Christ Church Melaka, built by the Dutch.

Jonker Street area

Snacks from San Shu Gong and Tan Kim Hock respectively.

We had such a mega smooth ride in and through immigrations all because our van used the coach lane and skip the long queuing car lanes. It has been many years since my last travel on the expressway to Malaysia and I am very glad that the rest-stops are much cleaner and nicer than what I remembered, particularly the rest-rooms! We are all agog about planning another trip to another part of the country.

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