A 3D puffy paper heart topper

Chapter: DIY + techniques

If you enjoy folding simple paper hearts that are functional, like this one that can be strung into a garland, then you’ll find this topper practical and fun at the same time. Follow Jeremy Shafer’s clip for instructions. Using a larger piece of paper will result in a wider opening, making it easy to blow air in to puff it up.

Post-It pad toppers on my marker, pencils and a chopstick.

I was using Post-it square pads resting on my desk, and found that it’ll only snug fit a pencil. I then modified a little to make the opening wider for my marker pen to slip in, and I also have some tips to make a better-looking crisp heart,

I’m fussy over how symmetrical the middle indentation should be so I make sure to crease well a small cross (crease both front and back) at the centre which will help achieve a nice dent.

Inserting the tip of a pair of scissors (or anything slim) through the opening will make it easy to open up to inflate.

To make a wider opening, have the left and right flaps folded just a distance shy away from the top fold. This creates a wider gap between the flaps which determines the size of the opening.

Both hearts are made from the same Posit-It pad. The rounder heart on the right has a wide opening to accommodate a wider pen body.

Inserting a straw is an added fun for kids to blow and watch the heart puff up!

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