3 of my favourite dining places at Takashimaya Food Hall

Chapter: City Rounds

If I’m at Takashimaya during mealtimes, I’ll most likely head down to basement 2 for some of my favourite foods served in the Food Hall. There are 3 dining spots I really enjoy. And when you are able to get seats in the absence of long lines, that’s even better, more so during weeknights after 8.

My favourite foods: Tonkotsu kakiage and kakiage udon, beer battered fish, and crispy chicken & seaweed with penne.

Tsuru-koshi Udon

I love kakiage, a Japanese style fried fritter consisting of vegetables and seafood. At Tsuru-koshi they serve up a vegetable-shrimp kakiage that is tasty and a fine companion to the udon with soup. Two types of soup are offered; miso-based and pork-based (Tonkotsu). Both are delicious, though inevitably pork bones lend more flavour and richness to the broth.

The serving portions are just right, any larger amount of either kakiage, udon or broth will be an overkill for me. There are two bowls of udon pictured above, the slightly milky one is the tonkotsu undon.

~ Tonkotsu Kakiage $11.00, Kakiage Udon $9.50

Fisherios Fish N Chips

For a quick light meal I like to go for the beer battered fish at Fisherios. I like the crispyness of the dory (cod fish is also available, at a different price) minus the fries which I can hardly finish. I should remember to request for no fries the next time.

~ Beer battered fish $7.90, with drink and soup set $11.90


Crispy Chicken & Seaweed, the first pasta dish I ordered the first time I dined at Ambush turned out to be my favourite. This had really saved me time and money without having to try this and that on the rest of the menu in order to pick out a favourite. Once I told myself to explore, and so I tried their Vongole (clam in white wine sauce) because I saw someone having it. But I didn’t like it as much as the crispy chicken with penne pasta. Love not just the nori but also the way the pasta is cooked. A staff told me the aglio olio Ambush style is simply a sauteing of onion and garlic in olive oil, together with coriander and chicken stock. Yum. Sometimes I find myself craving to eat this. I just wish they add more coriander.

~ Crispy Chicken & Seaweed, Aglio Olio Ambush Style $11.80

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