Chapter: Japanese Zakka

While it’s true that many of us who live outside Japan love Japanese crafts and stuff, the Japanese themselves are very much in favor of zakka from overseas, particularly France!

Life-styles With French Goods [フレンチ雑貨と暮らしたい] is by Akemi Matsudo [マツドアケミ/松戸明美], the founder of Zakka + and this is her shopping guide around Paris for great French zakka.

Here are some absorbing pages:

French zakka wouldn’t be complete without Alain Gree, an author and illustrator of detective novels and numerous well-loved vintage children’s books (many of which are out-of-print). It was after seeing this that I ordered online a set of postcards with his original illustrations which I’ll show you the next time.

Akemi also shares a few easy craft ideas for metro/museum tickets, paper-box packages and etc.

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  1. Those look fantastic–lucky your to get that book. And so excited about you crafts and possible sale…can’t wait to see/hear more! Oh, stop by and see me when you get a chance…I’ve tagged you for a great new meme! :o) ((HUGS))

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