WTWY: Ez at Creature Comforts

It’s my great pleasure that Ez Pudewa from Creature Comforts is sharing her travel essentials for her recent trip to the Alt conference. And like last week, we will get to see more belongings than usual. Yay!

  1. ChapStick® – I had no idea that lips could get so chapped just from smiling all day long so I’m super glad I brought along my trusty moisturizing ChapStick®.
  2. Pretty Little Notebooks (the top one is from Sparrow & Co. the bottom one was a gift from my friend Manvi) – I had so much to learn and remember, it’s a good thing I brought more than one notebook to write it all down in!
  3. Business Cards – I made my own cards at the last minute and it was really fun to pass them out and see everyone’s response to them.
  4. Essie Nail Polish in Lollipop – Painting my nails makes me feel dressed up, even if I’m only wearing suitcase-rumpled clothing.
  5. Camera – Sadly I didn’t take very many photos during my trip. Next time I will for sure. (The pictured camera is a stand-in for the actual camera I brought with me).
  6. Smarties – I have a horrid addiction to Smarties. They are perfect for chomping on when you need a little sweet pick me up (especially during long flights).

Thank you so much Ez, for taking the time to share this fabulous list. Love your business card and thanks for showing how you designed the feather (be inspired by Ez’s DIY project here).

If you like to share in this fun travel series, you are always welcome to send me (mail @ bloomize . com) a list of 5 items and a photo.

Happy weekend and thanks for the company! Will be back next week with a DIY on folding a heart while gift wrapping.

4 thoughts on “WTWY: Ez at Creature Comforts

  1. Such a fun mix of pretty & practical! Love the camera! Smarties… I don’t think I’ve eaten those since I was a kid. My teeth hurt just thinking of all the sugar… OUCH! ;o) Happy Weekend, Clara ((HUGS))

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