Travel Themed + Movable Magnets (Video)

Chapter: Projects   Series: Journals

You know how I love having magnets on cards and it’s only a matter of time magnets come to play in my journals. And the time has arrived.

An interactive journal with fun movable magnetic components.

The magnets are on the middle spread and they are heart-shaped die cuts. I placed two pieces of magnets back to back sandwiching the patterned paper, in this way both magnet pieces can be shifted around when you do it ever so gently. Then to play along with the sketchy map design on the patterned paper, I adhered a piece of magnet behind a hot air balloon die cut and held the balloon in place with a second piece of magnet at the back of the page. Even though there are a total of 6 pieces of magnets, they add no bulk or weight to the journal.

Check out how the magnets and other bits + pieces are laid out in this video. Please enjoy the flip through!

I made this to be compatible as a Midori Traveler’s Notebook insert but more importantly it was made to be sent out as happy mail.

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