Translucent die cut window with repurposed plastic

Chapter: Projects   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

My main idea for this card was to have a see-through window made with a heart die cut out directly on a card base. As I pondered about making a see-through window shaker I felt unable to carry it through because I don’t seem to have the shaker elements in the right sizes or colours.

Letting the red plastic take centrestage in front and behind the heart die cut window.

I had also considered shielding the hollow heart with patterned/coloured acetate or vellum, but both of which I don’t have any. I persisted with the see-through criteria and finally settled on a coloured piece of translucent red plastic, which is just an unused file divider.
Two heart dies were used — the smaller die to make a front window on the card base, the bigger one to die cut on the red plastic. More details are described below.


  1. Align small heart die on the card base and die cut.
  2. Stick a piece of double-sided adhesive sheet behind one piece of the red plastic, then die cut with the larger heart die.
    TIP — The key to ensuring the ease of adhering plastic die cuts is to paste double-sided adhesive behind the plastic before die cutting.
  3. Die cut with the larger heart die again on a second piece of red plastic that is WITHOUT double-sided adhesive behind.
  4. Align and stick the plastic heart with adhesive (from step 2) to the front of the card window. The exposed sticky portion will come in handy for the next step.
  5. Open the card and on the back of the window, align and attach the other red heart without the adhesive backing.
  6. Stamp sentiment. I die cut small circles and a heart to stick inside the card.

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