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According to this article from the Christian SIM Now magazine that I was reading last night, at least 27 million men, women and children are serving as slaves.

The article begins with a story about a young boy from a poor family in West Africa whose father sent him to a local religious leader (a common practice) who takes in boys to live and work at his school until they reach their mid-teens. However what really happens is that the boys are sent out to beg for their own food and also for money which they have to surrender to the religious leader. The boys usually wander around the city without shoes, they are dirty and beg in busy traffic. They’re also regularly beaten and can only eat what they had begged for.

When the father heard the truth of what his son has to go through, he went out to rescue him. There are thousands of boys still caught within this accepted practice.

From Africa to Pakistan to Nepal to India to China to Eastern Europe to the US, Europe and Japan, people are involved either as slave providers or as slave consumers. Such a sad and ugly truth!

Slavery here and now has several resources for our action: reading lists, prayer lists, how to involve your kids, how to show support for abolitionist agencies and also products to avoid buying from companies with documented human rights abuses.

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  1. I learned about this tragic truth not long ago myself. A guy named Conor is/was helping the kids get back w/ their families. The families had thought they had sent the kids away to school and instead they were on the streets in Nepal begging and being used as slaves. Very sad. He no longer works directly with the org he created to save these kids but his story is remarkable… what one man can do. For the record he has been able to rescue and reunite many kids with their families and it still continues. – it’s not updated much anymore since he returned to the States, but look at the older posts. The org still exists and takes donations.

  2. Hi Clara :)
    The Italian food post looks great, but then anything about food is good for me.

    Are you trying to tie those chinese knots? Never figured out how its done but the end results are always beautiful, looking forward to future posts :)

    Slavery? Well, that’s new news to me..I didnt know that it still exist at this modern day :( sad isnt it.

    happy week ahead..and yes, Angkor was fantastic, out of this world actually :)

  3. Do you know that there is slavery in Europe too? right here in France, philipinas maids hidden in posh rich house who are working 7 days long hours, with very little pay or no pay at all, scared of going away because they are brought illegaly to France, and many many other example. Fot neighbours and people around it’s difficult to notice them or discover what happens because their “owners” hide them well and do whatever it needs to cheat the society.

    At kitem’s blog: Joli mois de mai

  4. It is so sad to contemplate that such slavery still exists around the world…heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing is important topic…

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