Simple paper bags

Chapter: Projects   Series: Gift Wrapping

Remember this wrapper? I like to see nice papers made into paper bags for stuffing gifts and things. For I feel that a bag would stand a higher chance of being reused than if wrapping was more tight-fitting.

Do you make yours like this?

1-2. Paste one end* with double-sided tape. Identify point A.
3. Turn over. Identify B, the mid-point of C.
4. Bring A onto B. Crease the side.
5. Adhere the edge of the other half. Crease the side.
6. Fold up a base.

7-8. Fold up corner triangles. Unfold and snip them off.
9. Open up the 2 flaps.
10-11. Cut off the top flap. Seal with bottom flap.

I’ve trimmed the top just like the base.

* OR bring the far side onto the adhesive end and the joint line will rest along the edge.

To make a bag with a flat bottom, I will:

1. Repeat above steps 1 to 7. White lines indicate the edges of the triangles.
2. Make a fold on each side to align with white line. Crease.
3. Unfold all.
4. Tuck in the side folds.
5. Erect the base and open it up.
6. Push in from the side for a triangle to emerge inside.
7. Then flatten that triangle.

8. Flatten the outer flap.
9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 on the opposite side.
10-11. Seal up the base.

Tune in next week for an interesting twist on the use a paper bag.

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  1. These paper bags are so stylish, I love how we can make them ourselves! [With a bit of skill or luck maybe? ;)] Thanks for sharing

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