Precious Moments prepaid gift card

Chapter: City Rounds

‘Thots of you bring out the best in me’

These are the words below the figurine on this debit-like card. I saw this poster while walking pass a gift shop two days ago.

Not just lovable but Precious Moments little messengers are encouraging and uplifting. Remembering those days when I had a couple of their badges which were simply the sweetest looking among all other badges! And when hub and I were dating right up to those honeymoon years, we love to hand each other Precious Moments Hallmark cards and stationery which come with wonderful reminders like ‘Make a joyful noise’, ‘Count your blessings one by one’, ‘To God be the glory’, ‘Love one another’ and ‘Nothing’s sweeter than a friend’.

I have since lost track of their ever expanding range of merchandise. But I have seen their chopsticks.

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