Paper chalkboard

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Have you tried this? Writing with chalk on paper?

Recently for my brother’s big day, I did just that. I made this “welcome” sign by writing with chalk on textured paper and then framed up to look like a chalkboard. The truth is I was about to buy a can of chalk paint for the job when my heart prompted me to try on paper.

Though I really don’t mind owning chalk paint, I’m glad to have found that paper makes a good mock blackboard. Hooray for paper!

The chalk wipes off easily with tissue or cloth, or with a rubber eraser.

I can’t stop thinking about its other possibilities…gift tag, speech bubble, writing board, label…

6 thoughts on “Paper chalkboard

  1. I recently discovered that Daiso now stocks small chalk/white boards. Really cute and versatile too. A few different sizes but I think nothing bigger than A4.

    Would be a good alternative if you need something more hardy or long term. :)

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