DIY rainbow loom charm stand

Chapter: DIY + techniques

If you see the need to get your rubber band loom creations to stand upright independently, that need apparently arose for me recently, just grab some craft wires, or even paperclips to quickly prop them up.

Seeing my top-heavy blooms able to stand moderately tall makes me happier.

The wires I had on hand were floral wires with 22 (left) and 20 (right) gauges.


  • Craft wire
  • Paperclip
  • Wire cutter


  1. Cut a piece of wire about twice the length of the charm. For paperclip, just bend upwards the stretch along the open end.
  2. Carefully go under some of the bands at the back of the charm, starting from the bottom to top.
  3. End off the wire at the bottom by bending a support base. Tip: Bend a “L” or “P” shape which is usually sufficient for a loom structure with a wide bottom. Try and see.
  4. Test for stability by placing it on a table, and then bang on the table a little to see if it withstands. Adjust the wire config until stable.

Paperclip comes in handy since no cutting is needed, just avoid excessive twisting to avoid snapping.