Food colouring etc

Chapter: Daily etc picks

Red – pink: beet root, chili, hibiscus, pomegranate, tomato
Orange – yellow: achiote (annatto) seeds, carrot, pumpkin, saffron, tumeric
Green – chlorophyll, matcha, spinach, spirulina, stevia
Blue – purple: blueberry, butterfly pea
Black : activated charcoal
Brown: cocoa, tea

A Tulou replica in Singapore

Chapter: City rounds

Several weeks after returning from this trip to China, my sister discovered a Tulou-like building near Old Holland Road right here on our island when she was travelling in a cab. She hadn’t noticed it before.

We had visited Yongding just to see the famous earthen Tulou houses while in China early this year, they are homes to the Hakka people. We decided to check out this new Tulou on Monday after work.

This newly completed building is a columbarium that belongs to the Fong Yun Tai Association, which is founded by our local Hakkas.

If you’ve missed my Tulou photos, just follow this link (scroll towards the middle).