Converse shoes etc

Chapter: Daily Etc Picks

When we were in Okinawa, hub and I were the shoe store ABC Mart (in Naha Main Place) looking for a pair sneakers for him. It was there that I came across a pair of grey Converse shoes with a lovely pattern (see Sweater below) that I thought I could start wearing Converse. It was close but no, I didn’t buy.

Left to right, top to bottom:
All Star Sweater, grey
All Star Suede boots, sand
All Star Quilt, black
All Star Sankaku, grey

Pastries sticker scene building and embossed handwriting

Chapter: DIY + tips and tricks   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

Yesterday I showed you how to improvise an embossing pen that I’ve found makes heat embossing your handwriting easy and nice. Today’s post shall be about putting the pen into action to add sentiments that describe a kitchen scene I’ve built using stickers.

Scene building card and bookmark with stickers and heat-embossed handwritten wording. Pastry-themed stickers are from Daiso.

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Improvised embossing ball-point pen

Chapter: DIY + tips and tricks

One of the things I like to do with heat embossing is to emboss my handwriting. And to do that, I’ve been trying out a few embossing pens but I just couldn’t achieve the nice smooth results I had in mind. They turn out either grainy or splotchy. The embossing pens do better at colouring in areas than writing strokes, I think.

Sweet way to add your heat-embossed handwriting on a card or any paper project!

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