Easter thoughts 20.04.14

[Chapter: Living]

He humbled himself that He might mingle with mankind. He entered personally into our infirmities and feelings. He humbled to exalt us, stooped low to raise us up. He died that we may live.

Amazing humiliation, wondrous love. He resurrected that we may rejoice.

Good Friday thoughts 18.04.14

[Chapter: Living]

Need a Revealer of Love

Whatever makes us forget ourselves and think of others lifts us upward. This is one reason that God permits suffering. We would never know the best and richest of human love if there were no pain, no distress, no appeal of grief or of need.

The best and holiest of mother-love would never be brought out if the child never suffered. The same is true of God’s love. God would have loved his children unfallen just as much as he loves them fallen, but the world would never have known so much of God’s love had not man fallen. Our sore need called out all that was richest, holiest, and divinest in our Father’s heart.

If no night came we should never know there are stars. Darkness is a revealer.

[Source: “In Green Pastures” (March 29) by J.R. Miller]