Bloom charms

[Chapter: Shoppe]

Some new arrivals are now stocked in my shop Earth Rejoice – bloom charms.

They come in several colours, and are ready to hang onto keyrings and chains. I hope they’ll make you smile and you’ll find something you like. They were made by me, of course.

Happy Friday and have a gorgeous weekend!

Dressing my clutch bag with buttons and a belt chain

[Chapter: DIY + tutorials]

On most days I’m a moderately big-bag kind of girl. My bag has room for a folder, book, tablet, notebook, a compact umbrella, a pocket camera, shawl, snacks amongst other whatnots. I may take out 2 or more things now and then, depending on the day’s needs, but it would always be me and my big bag, either fully packed or half empty.

In recent times I sensed that I’m more open to forgo shoulder bagging for clutching, once in a while on weekends for a start. After spotting this clutch in a Mitju shop, I’m encouraged to give it a shot so I bought it.

I appreciate the size and that it’s lightweight, logo-free, and possesses coveted space for a book or an ipad mini. And I can also squeeze in my pocket camera, if I really want to, though it might stress out the poor bag. It’s an ideal starter for me since it can stuff enough of my everything, and love the $37 price tag too.

It’s also a great starter to dress it up just a little using supplies I have. So here’s how I added my own twist.

▲ Photographed with my iPad mini


  • Matching buttons
  • Needle and thread
  • Superglue
  • Metal chain (mine’s a belt)
  • Flat nose plier


I have 2 buttons that look pretty nice nested on top of each other and decided to use them. I started by sewing the square button before gluing the round button on top.

For the sling, a belt chain was used. The lobster clasp that came with it was a great help while the jump ring on the other end of the chain was hooked on using a pair of flat nose pliers.


With stores in various major locations around our island, it’s hard to walk pass and not peek into the Mitju shop to look at their offering of shoes and accessories. Prices are affordable while choices are many and irresistible.

Even though leather shoes are my preferred choices (I just feel they last longer than other synthetics), I had bought a pair of Mitju flats recently. I also bought a clutch bag, which was jazzed up with supplies that I already own. Join me next week to see what I did, if you like. Have a great weekend!