More journals with goodies-filled pockets

Chapter: Projects

Early last week I shared with you one of the several journals I made, here are two more with in different sizes.

Simple handmade journals with pockets and a hanging band to house a variety of stationery items. Here they are held shut by a sleeve.

The inside pages were different coloured pages stapled to the cover. The wider journal measures 14 cm x 21 cm with 48 pages while the one beside measures 11 cm x 20.7 cm and has 32 pages.

Then all I had to do was to stuff the inner pockets for my birthday recipients to uncover. There were mini booklets, paperclips, die cut page markers, tags, magnetic page markers, index cards + a “Take Notes” die cut on an index card and another adhered onto a thin strip, die cut 3-piece banner strung with ribbon, and a string of alphabet die cuts that says “Do Your Best”.

Check out the flip through video!

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