Mix + match: long cardigans

Chapter: Japanese Zakka

While perusing J Shoppers (big Japanese shopping site for English-speaking shoppers, good news, eh?), I fell for the long cardigans, and with the wide array of beautiful accessories, I put myself up to mix + match 2 outfits.

Everything shown is available at J Shoppers (I also did a brief intro here).

Topper cardigan
2-way tote
Cat hanging watch
Fleece mules

Square-toe wedge sneakers
Bootcut jeans
Lace bag
Knit hoodie + tube top
Flower necklace

I want to dress in jeans, white tee, and a cardigan everyday!

A very sweet reader was asking me in her email if I would do more ensembles, so I hope you like this Trish! I’ll try to do more when I can.

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