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Chapter: Living

Though our island wasn’t affected in any way by the Asian tsunami in 2004, the event hit home closer than we could have expected. My family and friends either knew someone or knew someone who knew someone who was in Phuket at the same time when the mighty tidal waves crashed through the shores.

Recently some parts of Asia have been badly hit by a series of disasters. Hub knows a Filipino contractor working in Singapore whose brother’s family and sister’s family are badly affected by the flooding in the Philippines. Their homes are gone. His wife and kid who are living in another part of Philippines are safe and well.

We want to help him raise funds and have started a donation drive among family/friends/their circle of friends. I made bracelets during the weekend to go alongside with the fund-raising…hoping to raise whatever amount we can. We are also accepting clothing.

7 thoughts on “Know someone

  1. It’s such a difficult time for those who are suffering loss. We should do our bit to help around. Thanks for taking the initiative.

  2. Hello Dear Clara,

    Your work is beautiful and so is your heart. If each would do something very small to help the hurting, that small thing becomes a giant. Enjoy a lovely week my friend.



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