How my stalled craft punch was fixed

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Formerly my Carl circle punch was half willing to get the job done – it left me with the arduous task of forcing the jammed mould up with a chopstick or pen (safer alternatives than scissors) after every punch. I knew I was paying the price for previously overtaxing it repeatedly with papers a tad too thick.

Scouting online for tips, I implemented the easiest by putting it in the freezer. After about an hour, everything remained status quo. I put it aside then later daubed on cooking oil to lubricate the contact areas. Right away the awkward position was put to ease, and normal slicing motion could resume. Alright, oil saved the day!

22 thoughts on “How my stalled craft punch was fixed

  1. I would tend to shy away from the oils as I wouldn’t want them go get on my papers. I have however used waxed paper and it does the trick every time. And to sharpen them, punch some aluminum foil a few times.

  2. Oiled it but still can’t get it unstuck, The wax paper tip just didn’t work on this punch anymore. I had given it up for lost, but now I have hope. It’s in the freezer, so maybe it will contract and then I can get it unstuck again. Then hopefully the oil will lube the punch and I can get it going again. Thanks so much for the tip! Got my fingers crossed!

  3. If you can loosen the punch whichever way and get it working… then open up an aluminum can and punch it until the can is gone. I have found that this is even better for sharpening than the foil or wax paper. Once you have punched the entire can, follow up by punching a few layers of wax paper a few times…

    If the punch begins resisting again, before it jams punch another can… it’s something my hubby doesn’t mind doing on weekends while watching games.

  4. Just wanted to give an update on the punch (almost) 4 years on — it's still working fine after moderate use, and hasn't required a second freezer and/or oil treatment.

  5. This sounds harsh but had a punch manufacture tell me to hang it on my table of cement if the freezer didn't loosen a jammed punch. (sure I want to dent a table) I've taken a chance & thrown it to ground, it loosened it & it still works. I think the oil is kinder though

  6. Great idea. I think I will put a teensy bit of oil on a piece of paper-and cut out a shape, and see how that works… or I might cut out a shape using the oiled sheets I put through my shredder! Now there's a thought! Great tip. Thanks Einat.

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