Flower stalks with embossed strips and sequins

Chapter: Projects   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

Here’s another idea for using with a small embossing folder which embosses five stalk-like pattern.

Do they look more like candles?

Instead of embossing a whole piece of cardstock, I had it trimmed down to 3/8″ wide strips and then embossed each strip. The width of the strip matches the width of the stalk pattern. More details are described below.


  1. Cut five strips of white cardstock at 3/8″ wide and at least 3-1/4″ long.
  2. Align and sandwich 2 strips (this allows some space between each strip) between embossing folder. Close shut the embossing folder with a piece of masking tape. Then send it through the die cutting machine on the embossing tab. Repeat until all strips are embossed.
  3. Colour the strips with Copic markers.
  4. Trim the strips into desired height, then align and adhere onto card base.
  5. Paste sequins at the top of each strip.
  6. Stamp sentiment.

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