Fill in the blank card with puffy alphabet die cuts

Chapter: Projects   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

Having a puffy 3D element is an interesting feature to add onto a card which is what I have worked on for this design. There are 5 puffy spots that you can poke around!

Interactive puffy pillow-like die cut alphabets on a card.

The fabric that shields the hollow die cuts is the same hankie used on these balloons. I stuffed the letters on the back with cotton wool saved from my kelp supplement bottles.

I chose the word “Today” because there are no repeat letters so I could die cut all letters at one go, which later led me into making it a fill-in-the-blank-kind-of-card that should serve alright for any occasion. To make the periods, I first pasted double-sided adhesive behind a separate piece of the fabric then die cut six small circles – three for the front, the other three inside the card. I simply drew a line next to the periods inside the card to fulfill the fill-in-the-blank requirement. More details are described below.


  1. Align alphabet dies on grid paper, with cut side down. Paste a strip of Post-It tape across the whole word and pick it up.
  2. Align the die strip onto cardstock and die cut. I did a test run first on scrap paper to see if the letters looked alright.
  3. Lay a piece of fabric behind all the letters, and adhere loosely onto the cardstock so that the fabric has some give room to accommodate cotton wool.
  4. Place enough cotton wool in each letter slot so that it looks “stuffed”.
  5. Place a small piece of cardstock over the cotton wool. Glue down the cardstock. I applied glue on the top and bottom, leaving the sides out. A total of 3 pieces of cardstock was pasted across the five letters.
  6. I wanted the card panel to have diagonal sides (like a parallelogram) so I drew pencil lines and trimmed along them.
  7. On a new strip of cardstock, place and align the die strip, and die cut.
  8. Next, watercolours in brown and a little black were painted on the strip.
  9. Align and paste strip over the panel. Trim the excess on the strip so that it has diagonal sides as well.
  10. Adhere panel onto card base.
  11. Die cut six small circles from the fabric. I had an double-sided adhesive sheet pasted behind the fabric before die cutting the circles. Then die cut six more circles on plain cardstock. Adhere the fabric circles onto the cardstock. I do this for added opacity as the fabric is thin.
  12. Paste 3 circles on the front panel. Paste the remaining three inside the card and with a ruler, draw a line across the card with a black marker.

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