Embossed block layout

Chapter: Projects   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

On this card, small “blocks” of cardstock embossed with a small embossing folder by Diamond Press were laid like building blocks.

Building blocks with pieces of embossed cardstock.

The lighter grey cardstock was from a paper pad backing while the darker one came from a notebook cover. I love greys. Then for that pop of colour, I used a Dymo’ed the words on red tape.


  1. Cut the cardstock into 2″ x 3.5″ pieces (this size is sufficient to match the size of the embossing folder). Emboss every piece with the embossing folder.
  2. Trim down the paper into 1-3/4″ x 1″ pieces.
  3. Align and adhere the pieces onto panel, leaving a gap between each piece. I did pop three pieces with foam tape.
  4. Trim off the overhang pieces along the edges.
  5. Cut out triangles from the dark grey cardstock and adhere them onto a few of the blocks.
  6. Print the sentiments with a Dymo.
  7. Adhere panel onto a card base.

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