28 July 2014

Dust mug

[Chapter: Japanese + zakka]

The Dust mug by Ideaco is but a dustbin or storage container.

It’s almost 34cm wide. I like how the mug colours are named: mango (above), green tea, soy milk and mocha.

I’ll be talking more *rubbish* next week so I hope to see you then.

Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

Comments (3)   2008.10.24

  1. From Jenny

    Quite a good idea to seperate the trash within a single bin.

    2008.10.25 @ 9:39 am

  2. From M.Kate

    now that’s one rubbish bin i have never seen before!! I’d like one too :D

    2008.10.27 @ 11:47 am

  3. From Tracy

    I like that…that’s a great idea! And with great colors/names, who could resist?! ;o) Happy Days, Clara ((HUGS))

    2008.10.28 @ 1:31 am

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