Die cut typography and embossed acetate

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With a set of Cole’s ABCs alphabet dies by Lawn Fawn on hand, I wanted to have a go at making a typographic-like die cut background on a card. I went with the words “thinking about you” because the letters split up nicely to fit a 4 x 4 grid. You’ll see what I mean here.

The most time consuming part was trying to align the letters so that they cut out as straight as possible.

To add texture I embossed two sheets of acetate embossed with a weave-print embossing folder, and used one on the foreground (left) and the other as part of the background (right).


A card with a shield!

The brown-blue background was achieved by swiping my ink pad, with a light hand directly onto the paper, then the letter die cut panel was glued onto it. The acetate which is the same size as the card base (4″ x 6″) was adhered last on all four corners. Here’s a quick summary of all the steps that were taken.


  1. On a piece of cardstock, measuring smaller than my 4″ x 6″ card base, draw four horizontal lines with a pencil where the die cut letters are going to be. Each line is 6 cm long and about 3 cm apart. I used the lines on a notebook as my guide.
  2. Use masking tape to adhere the letter dies before running them through the die cutting machine.
  3. Die cut the letters A, B and O separately on cardstock with double-sided tape stuck behind. This is to turn them into stickers for use in step 6.
  4. On a fresh piece of cardstock, swipe ink directly onto the paper with the ink pads. To avoid harsh lines in-between colour blocks, place a piece of scratch paper over the card and swipe onto the scratch paper first before advancing.
  5. Adhere die cut letter panel from step 2 onto coloured panel.
  6. Remove the inner fragments on the A, B and 0 from step 3, and stick them onto their respective spots on the card.
  7. Emboss a piece of acetate and adhere it on four corners.
  8. Cut out 4 triangles coloured with the same brown ink, then paste them over the corners to hide the glue under the acetate, and also to make them look like photo corners.


I prefer the look of the embossed acetate showing through the letters than embossing the coloured cardstock and omitting the acetate.


Here are the steps

  1. Similar prep steps as above.
  2. Embossed acetate is cut smaller than the die cut letter backround and adhered behind the white card panel.
  3. Adhere step 2 onto the coloured panel.
  4. Embellish with heart die cut stickers from paper inked with the same inks used on the background. I included a fourth heart cut out from felt.
  5. A triangle was also cut out and adhered on the top right.

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