Celebrate card with fabric die cuts + masking fluid resist

Chapter: Projects   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing card designs with fabric die cuts. The first few will incorporate a party die cut set consisting of banners and balloons. Also, the main fabrics I’ll be using are those experimented here, as well as polypropylene, (you might have seen me use it before) plus a new favourite!

I love die cutting and love to seek out materials to cut.

My new found material is a Shanghai made cotton handkerchief, that comes in a pack of 12. Each pack costs just a few dollars. I use these thin hankies around the kitchen like re-usable paper towels. Love that they air dry fast! I’ve picked a plaid design in a brown-pink combo for die cutting, and that’s before I pasted an adhesive sheet behind the fabric.


  1. Add an adhesive sheet behind the fabrics. Die cut the banners and balloons.
  2. Die cut the balloons on plain cardstock and stick behind the fabric counterparts. This is to add strength to the balloons.
  3. On a square panel, add watercolours to the background. My choice of colours follows after the fabrics.
  4. Onto the panel, stick down the banners and adhere the middle balloon with glue. The rest of the balloons were foam taped.
  5. Tie and adhere threads at the ends of the balloons.
  6. To prepare the sentiment, write the word with the Molotow masking pen on a strip of cardstock, and let dry. Then add brownish-black watercolour, and let dry.
  7. Peel off the masking medium to reveal the white area beneath.
  8. Tear along the edges of the strip.
  9. Align the sentiment strip with the threads of the balloon. Mark out the spots with a light pierce of a needle.
  10. Pierce definitive holes on the strip. Adhere into place with foam tape.
  11. String the threads through the holes. Secure with a knot, and a tiny blob of glue. Trim away excess.
  12. Carefully snip off the pointy ends on four brads. Attach the brads with glue. I use the Konishi glue.
  13. Adhere panel onto 6″ square card base.

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