Background with wave border die cuts

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My plan was to use my rarely used set of watercolour pencils to add rainbow colours to die cuts. The die cuts were made with a set of three wave border dies by Lawn Fawn. The outcome was not what I thought it would be but I went with it anyway.

A scallop-y inlaid background with wave border die cuts.

What did not turn out quite right for me was the colouring. It looked more pencil-scibbled than watercoloured which was not what I was after. Check out the steps below to find out what I did to tone that down.


  1. Align a wave border die diagonally from the top right corner, with the scallops faced upwards, onto a piece of cardstock and send it through a die cutting machine. Repeat with another die in a similar fashion. I changed up the direction of the dies upon reaching the fifth die cut piece. That is to say the scallops aligned downwards from the fifth piece onwards.
  2. Colour the die cuts with watercolour pencils and a waterbrush. I coloured in rainbow order. Since I was not happy with the colouring, I blended each piece of die cut with a Dew Drop Platinum Planet ink. This faint silvery pigment ink helped tone down the raw appearance and added some sheen onto the die cuts.
  3. Align and secure the die cuts onto a card base. I used a tape runner for this purpose so that I can easily remove any piece that needed to shift to the right spot.
  4. Die cut five “Hello”s on plain cardstock and adhere them one on top of the other. I coloured the word with a gold marker.
  5. Adhere the word onto the card base with glue. My favourite is the one from Konishi.

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