Another travel journal + movable magnets (Video)

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Yes it’s another inclusion of magnets in a travel journal. It’s just too fun not to make another. The cover of this journal is the same as this one, but there are differences that make each one unique.

An interactive journal with movable magnetic chat bubble and hot air balloon, and a repositionable speech bubble.

The centre spread is where the magnets are and I chose a sketchy street map patterned paper to set the stage for the movable components which consist of hearts, a chat bubble and a hot air balloon. To make the magnets movable, two pieces of magnets are placed back to back, sandwiching the patterned paper. The magnets hold on to each other and allow for light movement when you push them gently. I used a magnetic sheet to die cut all the magnet pieces into heart shapes.

A smartphone image was stamped onto the patterned paper. After that I stamped a chat bubble on white cardstock and had it cut out. A piece of magnet was then adhered behind the bubble. By the way a short message can be written on the bubble.

On the first page, I used my favourite fabric-like linen paper and did ink blending plus splattering to give the background a little more interest. Finally on the inside of the back cover, I included a repositionable speech bubble which can be peeled off and positioned in another spot.

Check out how the magnets and other bits + pieces are laid out in this video. Enjoy the flip through!

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