Starstruck with straws, chopsticks, twist ties and candles

Chapter: DIY + techniques

There are always packs of unopened straws from Yakut and package drinks left behind in our fridge. Sometimes I use them as glue applicators or paint stirrers. But these days I’ve been giving them a little “star” treatment. And since then, chopsticks accumulated from takeouts and twist ties have also been recognised for their star […]

Galaxy of origami stars

Chapter: DIY + techniques

When my 5 yo goddaughter and I meet up, we love to hand each other our little handmade somethings. She would shower me with sweet girly drawings, scribblings, love notes, masks or a surprise “masterpiece”. Godma would usually make origami iconic symbols. A galaxy of stars made with coloured and patterned papers, a page from […]

A litter pups paper world

Chapter: DIY + techniques

This standing 2-part puppy with a tiny tail takes no time to whip up and yields adorable results. Its final expression is up to you to create. It’s good fun to make a litter of them to amuse kids or have kids make them themselves. For the black pups, I used Glossy Accents for their […]

Birthday candles letter making

Chapter: DIY + techniques

After realising how viable it is to stack birthday candles to construct a star, I decided to grab more to make a few linear letters. And this is how it went. Birthday candles stay lit for merely a few seconds before they are tossed out. Reuse those to form fun shapes and cap letters. SUPPLIES […]

Pasta etc 2

Chapter: Daily etc picks

Left to right, top to bottom: Grano Armando Anello pasta, rings Colavita pasta, wagon wheels DaVinci Radiatore, radiator Sapori Antichi pasta, multicolour Italian monuments il Macchiaiolo rice Riccioli pasta, curls De Cecco Racchette, racquets Barilla Stelline, stars

Bicycle wheel spoke etc

Chapter: Daily etc picks

Left to right, top to bottom: Ride Along Dolly flower wheel spokes Nite Ize Spokelit Como bicycle spoke beads NPW thunderbolt and star bike spokes

Good Friday thoughts 18.04.14

Chapter: Living

Need a Revealer of Love Whatever makes us forget ourselves and think of others lifts us upward. This is one reason that God permits suffering. We would never know the best and richest of human love if there were no pain, no distress, no appeal of grief or of need. The best and holiest of […]

Topper etc

Chapter: Daily etc picks

Left to right, top to bottom: Pierre Belvedere Home peonies picks Striped pennant flags toppers Birthday Girl pick candles Silver and gold star tinsel picks