Starstruck with straws, chopsticks, twist ties and candles

Chapter: DIY + tips and tricks

There are always packs of unopened straws from Yakut and package drinks left behind in our fridge. Sometimes I use them as glue applicators or paint stirrers. But these days I’ve been giving them a little “star” treatment. And since then, chopsticks accumulated from takeouts and twist ties have also been recognised for their star … Continue reading Starstruck with straws, chopsticks, twist ties and candles

The tripling effect: 3 ways

Chapter: DIY + tips and tricks   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

That’s what I’m calling this technique when using images/text in threes. I have utilized the Office Space stamp set (used previously here and here) for this purpose in 3 ways on three cards. Three’s not a crowd. The tripling effect bands different images or repeated images or sentiments in threes, enough to spread over the … Continue reading The tripling effect: 3 ways

Yogurt etc

Chapter: Daily Etc Picks

Left to right, top to bottom: Butterworks Farm organic plain yogurt Maple Hill Creamery organic yogurt Seven Stars Farm Thomas Organic Creamery blueberry yogurt Pequea Valley plain yogurt Trimona Yogurt plain yogurt White Mountain Bulgarian yogurt Traders Point Creamery plain yogurt Hawthorne Valley plain yogurt More: Cornucopia Yogurt Buyer’s Guide, a rating of a list … Continue reading Yogurt etc